Structure & Operation

DAFNI Network is a non-profit organization of insular local authorities (1st and 2nd level), founded in 2006. It is run by a General Assembly (G.A.) and a seven-member Board of Directors (BoD).

The G.A. is the supreme body of the Organization and may decide on any matter concerning the Organization, except for those which, as per the Law or the Articles of Association, are decided by the Board of Directors.

Upon its election, the BoD shall convene and elect its President and Vice-president. Among its responsibilities, it appoints the Director-General, convenes and defines the agenda items of the General Assembly. The Director-General shall participate in the meetings of the Board of Directors without the right to vote and is responsible for managing corporate affairs, contributing to the promotion and fulfilment of the goals of the Network.

The resources of the Network come from members’ contributions, sponsorships, donations, grants, European and other programs.