DAFNI Network counts 52 members to this day, out of which 48 are island municipalities in the Aegean and the Ionian seas, the Regions of Northern Aegean, Southern Aegean, the Region of the Ionian Islands and the Regional Union of Municipalities of the Ionian Islands.

The benefits of participating in the DAFNI Network can be summarized as follows:

Island policy

  • Promotion of island policy proposals on a national and European level
  • Synergies with European islands to jointly promote island policy issues, exchange knowledge and transfer experience
  • Efficient cooperation between local authorities and the central administration

Technical Support

  • Maturation of projects for integration into national and European funding programs
  • Strategic planning for infrastructure projects
  • Scale economies for projects involving more than one municipality
  • Participation into European programs in order to transfer know-how
  • Training of local authorities’ executives on new technologies, legal and regulatory financing tools


  • Information on the possibilities of financing local authorities from national and European resources, calls and programs
  • Support for participatory planning and consultation
  • Organizing and participating in conferences to promote members’ activities and updating on issues of interest to the Network