Astypalea Smart & Sustainable Island

With the role of technical advisor, DAFNI proudly supports the Municipality of Astypalea in the new project “Astypalea Smart & Sustainable Island” that was recently launched. In the following years, Astypalea will switch to smart sustainable mobility, which will serve as an example for the ‘green’ transition of other islands.
At the same time, DAFNI’s support extends to areas beyond sustainable mobility, supporting the Municipality in realizing its vision for an ecofriendly development.

The project’s first milestone was the installation of 6 public e-vehicle chargers comprised by two 22 kW sockets enabling the simultaneous charging of 12 electric vehicles. The infrastructure was completed on time, with technical and aesthetic perfection, and was presented during the  launch event on Wednesday 2/6 with the presence of Prime Minister, the Volkswagen CEO and the Deputy Foreign Minister.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Municipality of Astypalea and the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) and under tight deadlines, DAFNI undertook a number of activities, including:

  • Works to strengthen the electricity distributor network
  • Deployment of new electrical supplies for the charging stations
  • Upgrading of existing power supplies of charging stations
  • Supply and installation of charging stations
  • Small scale renovations of the stations
  • Supply and installation of signage

In addition, in the framework of cooperation between HEDNO and the Municipality, extensive undergrounding works of the distribution network were carried out in a significant part of Chora,  reducing  this way the aesthetic effects of the aerial network but also improving its safe operation.
At the same time, 32 new lights were installed, with the support of DAFNI’s technical team, in order to ensure adequate lighting  once the undergrounding is completed.

Thanks to its systematic and multifaceted actions, DAFNI proves that it can effectively support the implementation of such demanding and innovative projects and under very strict deadlines and circumstances. DAFNI is recognized as a valuable partner in supporting the island local authorities from the design to the implementation of development strategies towards the clean, green and digital transition.