Other projects

In addition to the European ones, DAFNI Network implements a series of projects with special added value for its members as a whole as well as for individual islands, drawing on different sources of funding.

Kythnos – Smart island

With a budget of € 8 million, “Kythnos – Smart Island” is the largest technological innovation project ever implemented in the Greek island area and as such will be a landmark project for the country as well as the international community.

Typology for the Greek islands for the design and implementation of integrated local development and innovation strategies

The purpose of the study is to produce a detailed and thorough typology for the entire Greek island region, by analyzing the particular political, social, economic, environment and development characteristics of the various islands

Establishing a database of open environmental data on the Ionian and Aegean islands

The purpose of the project is the development of a Geospatial Data Online Portal for all the Greek islands with the exception of Crete and Evia. The project is essentially about establishing an organised database network (platform) with common standards and protocols, which will ensure compatibility and interoperability between data and services.

Citizens and students work together to produce green energy on islands

As part of the project, environmental education workshops will be organized on Aegean and Ionian islands in collaboration with the island members of DAFNI Network and with the active participation of citizens, teachers and students at the islands.