Cooperating Organizations

Cooperation with scientific and research organizations for the realization of projects.

Aegean Energy & Environment Agency

The Aegean Energy & Environment Agency is a non-profit organization founded by DAFNI Network in 2008 with the aim to provide technical assistance to DAFNI members for maturing sustainable development projects and engaging in innovative investment schemes. AEGEA holds the Vice-Presidency for Smart & Sustainable Islands in FEDARENE and is currently partner in a number of EU funded projects, i.e. WiseGRID, STEPPING, MOTIVATE.

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The cooperation of the two organizations was sealed with the signing of a Cooperation Protocol on 17 October 2017. Starting from a common vision for the local development, progress and prosperity of the islands, the agreement stipulates among others, the cooperation for education and training of island-based local authorities executives, the creation of specifications for the preparation of specialized studies and projects on the islands, helpdesk operation to support insular local authorities in project design and implementation. Effective cooperation is guaranteed by the complementarity of the two organizations: DAFNI is well aware of the local conditions, needs and growth dynamics of Greek islands, while MOU has vast experience in the technical support of small municipalities as well as the necessary tools and methodology to contribute to the maturation of projects with added value for the local economy of the islands.

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The collaboration of DAFNI Network with the Group of Chambers for the Development of Greek Islands (EOAEN) was formalized with the signing of a Collaboration Protocol on 6 May 2017 during EOAEN’s 41st General Assembly. The Protocol provides for close collaboration between the two organizations to record and study the challenges faced by the islands and to exchange information, experiences and proposals for joint initiatives that contribute to their economic, social and cultural development.

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GETMAP is DAFNI’s major partner in the development of strategies and the design of sustainable development actions that require the use of reliable geospatial tools and data. The object of the cooperation is the development of an integrated Geospatial Database Infrastructure for the Greek insular space and the scientific/technical support for the solution of geospatial problems.

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In the context of expanding its partnerships on a national and European level, DAFNI cooperates with the Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the EU (INSULEUR). On 10 November 2017, the two organizations jointly organized a Public Hearing in Brussels, with the participation of the European Economic and Social Committee, for Energy Communities and the contribution of these schemes to the energy transition of the islands.

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University of the Aegean

As of 2017, DAFNI collaborates with the University of the Aegean and in particular with the Laboratory of Local and Insular Development under the management of Professor Ioannis Spilanis. The collaboration refers to the updating of the methodology of production of the Reports and Award of the Sustainability Sign to the members of DAFNI, and the scientific support for the implementation of the Greek Islands’ Typing.

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