Inclusion into the South Aegean Regional Operational Programme of two very important development projects in Anafi and Kythnos.

DAFNI Network provided technical support to the Municipalities of Anafi and Kythnos to ensure the timely submission of two complete proposals, which were positively evaluated and included in the South Aegean Regional Operational Programme for projects with a total budget of €523,000.

In Anafi the resources secured for the Municipality will be used to enhance the network of hiking trails and points of locations of value, such as the Kalamos monolith, the second largest monolith in the Mediterranean after Gibraltar! This project will determine the development and promotion of alternative forms of tourism on the island.

In Kythnos, on the other hand, a project of particular value for the Thermiots, the history and the culture of the island will become a reality: the preservation and promotion of the Katafyki Cave in the village of Dryopida.