Mission in 5 DAFNI members in the framework of LIFE IP CEI Greece project

In the framework of the Integrated Project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece “Circular economy implementation in Greece”, DAFNI visited the 5 Aegean islands participating as pilot islands in the project: Alonissos, Antiparos, Thira, Paros, Tinos.

During the mission, we carried out meetings with representatives from local authorities discussing about the waste management and in general the circular economy implementation in insular areas. In parallel, we have visited local economy actors targeting to relevant data collection and to the assessment of the current situation concerning waste management and generation. Moreover, we were informed about local circular practices already implemented. Based on the outcomes of our visit in the 5 pilot islands, DAFNI in collaboration with local entities and project partners, will develop integrated circular economy plans.

The project aims to contribute to the implementation of the National Waste Management Plan, the National Waste Prevention Plan and the National Strategy for Circular Economy but also to the adoption of a new development model in insular areas based on circular economy principles, strengthening the local value chains.