Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands

The aim of INSULAE is to reduce the cost of electricity production in the European islands through the deployment of innovative technologies that ensure the transition to a clean, safe and efficient energy model.
This is why the project will develop and implement a set of interventions on three “lighthouse” islands from Croatia (Unije), Denmark (Bornholm) and Portugal (Madeira). These interventions will result in the Investment Planning Tool, which will be used to develop action plans to decarbonize 4 “follower” islands from Greece (Psara), Spain (Menorca), France (Marie Galante) and Germany (Norderney).
The islands involved in the project have additional features in terms of climate zone, size, local economy, energy system (local thermal power station, electrical connection to the mainland or a neighbouring larger island, such as the case of the Psara and Chios), RES share in the energy mix.

The interventions envisaged in the lighthouse islands concern the following areas:

  • Storage of energy to increase RES penetration in energy production, especially in non-interconnected insular systems, but also to stabilise weak electricity grids and operate micro-networks
  • Smart water and energy management systems with an aim to increase the energy efficiency of these systems
  • Electrification of land and sea transports
  • Digital technologies such as 5G and IoT, to facilitate the operation of energy communities
  • Promoting the local biofuel economy to support the power system, as well as the heat and transport networks

DAFNI is in charge of the development and implementation of the project’s communication strategy and the targeted dissemination of results to islands inside and outside Greece, to actors with an active role in financing and deploying sustainable energy projects on the islands of Europe, as well as to the local island communities and the general public.


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    2018 - 2022
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