SMart IsLands Energy system

SMILE designs and implements innovative pilot smart grid technologies allowing the increasing penetration of RES into the local power grids in three European insular systems having different characteristics (Madeira – Portugal, Orkney – United Kingdom, Samsø – Denmark).

DAFNI will select three representative Greek islands having characteristics similar to the project’s pilots and will examine whether it is possible for each island to employ the technologies being tested, what issues may arise and which solutions could facilitate the adoption of these technologies.

At the same time, DAFNI will transfer the knowledge produced under the project to its members, to central government agencies and market players, to credit institutions and to the local communities of these islands, by actively contributing to the debate on legal, regulatory and investment initiatives that need to be taken into consideration when implementing sustainable energy projects in island regions.

The pilot islands

Nine technologies will be tested and developed in Orkney, Madeira and Samsø, such as energy storage systems, pumped storage hydropower, electric vehicles, power to heat, power to fuel, demand response mechanisms, thus ensuring the reliable, safe and efficient operation of each island’s electrical system.
One very important component of the project is that each pilot island represents an important energy challenge that is common to several locations in Europe, on islands, as well on the mainland. More specifically, though all of the case studies are in island locations, not all of them do represent total energy islands. Both the Orkney Islands and Samsø are electrically connected to the mainland network and can therefore be representative of smart grids located on the mainland as well. Madeira is the only case of a total energy island, not connected to the mainland network.

Expected impact

  • Introduction of renewable energy sources and demand response mechanisms
  • Optimal energy management
  • Reproducible technological solutions and practices
  • Stability and flexibility of electrical grid
  • Reduction of environmental impact and carbon footprint of electrical grids
  • New market opportunities for smart grid products and services, boosting company growth and creating new jobs


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    2017 - 2021
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    ~ 14.000.000€
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    19 partners
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    3 pilots