Enhancing effective implementation of sustainable energy action plans in European islands through reinforcement of SMart Multilevel governance

Promoting sustainable energy projects through improved cooperation between levels of governance. The objective of this project is to improve cooperation between different levels of administration with a view to facilitating the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in the islands involved in the project and completion of sustainable development projects.

13 partners from all over Europe (Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, Canary Islands, Madeira, Malta, Cyprus, Crete, Ionian and Aegean Sea) collaborated to gain experience in energy planning.

The project was based on the idea that cooperation between the different levels of governance of islands (e.g. national, regional, local) could play an important role in achieving the EU’s 20-20-20 targets in the field of energy and climate change.

The DAFNI Network was the coordinator of the SMILEGOV project.

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    2013 - 2015
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    13 partners