Antiparos routes: a new route network with its own identity

Back in spring 2018, DAFNI Network, working together with the Municipal Enterprise of the Municipality of Antiparos (KEDA) and the Municipality of Antipapos, initiated actions with respect to the development of an integrated plan for the development of hiking trails on the island.

Taking advantage of the historical and natural trails all over the island, DAFNI Network undertook the design and development of a hiking and cycling trails network totalling 45 km. The trails are categorised into nature-loving, cultural and geowalk trails. For the Municipality of Antiparos, the protection and show-casing of natural and cultural heritage is key to a sustainable tourism development policy.
For this reason, DAFNI Network developed a comprehensive touris
mproduct, Antiparos Routes, which, in addition to route planning, also includes designing a unique logo and adapting it to route marking.

Drawing inspiration from the unique natural and cultural treasures of the island, DAFNI Network selected three of them: the stalactites in Antiparos Cave, the rock formations and the cedars, and then created relevant designs which where used to compose a unique symbol.

Finally, it is now possible to visit the new website, which was designed using the Network’s original material, where you may find all necessary information for safe outings on the footpaths of Antiparos.