Energy citizenship for a sustainable future

DIALOGUES will support the Energy Union with operational research on energy citizenship that enables citizens to take a central role in the energy transition. To reach this objective the project will operationalise, contextualize, measure, and support the framework environments, policies and institutions that allow deep, inclusive energy citizenship to emerge. The key focus of DIALOGUES is on co-creating energy citizenship innovations that include the perspectives of groups currently on the margins of the energy transition such as, women, low-income households, energy poor, and ethnic minorities. DIALOGUES central methodological pillar is grounded in tested inter- and transdisciplinary techniques, with a spotlight on open innovation and co-design of the research process through novel Citizen Action Labs in 8 countries.

DAFNI’s main role in the project is the leading of Greek citizen Action lab where three islands will be selected after a call for interest. Starting from their current energy identity the participants will develop with the help of augmented reality and with alternative scenarios visions of a sustainable energy future for their island. DAFNI will be supported in the Lab by GET, a geospatial expert.


The project will develop tools to measure the degree, and map the modes, of expressing energy citizenship, related KPIs, a policy decision tool, and a Knowledge Platform linking all project data and results. Policymakers & stakeholders from the DIALOGUES levels of analysis: community, local/ regional, and national/supranational, will be included through co-creative workshops and policy briefs.

In Greece, three islands, members of the clean energy for EU islands initiative will be selected to develop their clean energy transition agendas (CETA) with the guidance of DAFNI.

Expected results

  • Citizen’s engagement will be increased in clean energy projects with special focus on vulnerable groups.
  • Local opposition against energy projects will be mitigated as related citizens will participate in decision making processes.
  • In particular in Greece, three islands will be selected to create their clean energy transition agendas to help them built a greener and more sustainable economy.


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    2021 - 2024
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