Deployment of a H2 Ecosystem on the Island of Mallorca

In line with the new EU Hydrogen Strategy, Green Hysland will be the first Southern European Flagship project and it will create a ‘green hydrogen ecosystem’ in the Balearic Islands. Green Hysland will generate, distribute and use at least 300 tonnes of renewable hydrogen locally per year, produced from solar energy on the island of Mallorca, having multiple applications on the island, including the fuel supply to a fleet of fuel cell buses and fuel cell rental vehicles, the generation of heat and power for commercial and public buildings, the supply of auxiliary power for ferries and port operations and the creation of a hydrogen refuelling station. The project includes green hydrogen injection into the island’s gas pipeline network, through a Guarantee of Origin System, to decarbonize the gas supply. The intention is to expand the impact beyond the technology demonstrations delivered by the project, setting the basis for the first H2 hub at scale in Southern Europe. This will provide Europe with a blueprint for decarbonization of island economies, and an operational example of the contribution of H2 towards the energy transition and the 2050 net zero targets.

DAFNI will participate in the determination of energy requirements in the fields of transport, heating and electricity, while at the same time it will evaluate the possibilities of replication of the project in the Greek islands.


Green Hysland issues newsletters every six months in order to inform stakeholders about the progress of the project and its activities. Our newsletters also include interesting news and upcoming events related to green hydrogen and islands’ decarbonisation. For more information:


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