Innovative Supporting schemes for community-Led Energy Transition

ISLET PROJECT aims at supporting the collaboration between public authorities, private investors, and citizens in order to develop renewable energy communities developing an integrated approach to facilitate the emergence and growth of renewable community energy projects on Mediterranean small islands. 

The objective of the project is the creation of 3 Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) in 3 pilot islands on Greece (Astypalea), Croatia (Cres) and Italy (Procida). The goal is the creation of a mechanism that will provide technical support to the 3 pilot islands, as well as to other islands that already have experience and maturity around RECs. The experience and lessons learnt in the creation of RECs in these islands will define a model for Mediterranean small islands that will be tested in replication/test islands during the project (in Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Malta). 

DAFNI participates in the project by coordinating Work Package 4 which concerns the technical support of the 3 pilot islands for the creation and operation of the RECs. In parallel, DAFNI will organize meetings with stakeholders on the island of Astypalea and specifically in the settlement of Maltesana, for the creation of RECs, while it will coordinate discussions and workshops at regional and national level for the promotion of the model and the action plan for the creation of RECs in other Greek islands. 

Project Objectives

The ISLET Project Objectives are:

  • To enhance the municipalities’ capacity to create a favourable environment for Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) in small Mediterranean islands
  • To increase the cooperation between local and regional authorities and citizens that want to create energy communities, by improving public participation and engagement in citizen-led initiatives
  • To empower local actors to collectively address energy transition targets through use of public resources
  • To help local authorities to provide support to citizen energy initiatives
  • To foster the dialogue among different actors involved in islands’ energy projects to create a supportive local policy framework for the development of renewable energy communities
  • To provide Mediterranean small islands with a model of a successfully process of CER creation
  • To train relevant actors and enhance their capacity in community energy development and citizen engagement in small islands.
  • To improve the information of RECs and related national and EU laws among local authorities and representatives in small island, as well as among citizens
  • To evaluate the contribution of citizens-led initiatives in Mediterranean islands decarbonisation
  • To create a network of peer-to-peer support for Islands municipalities in providing support to their citizens for building RECs.


  • Astypalea, Greece
  • Cres, Croatia
  • Procida, Italy


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    11 partners
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    4 pilots