MUSICA aims to help small islands solve energy and shared resource problems sustainably through development of a Multi-Use Platform at Sea, or MUP. The MUSICA solution will be a decarbonising one-stop shop for small islands, including their marine initiatives (Blue Growth) and ecosystems.

The pilot demonstration of the MUP technologies will be located off the island of Oinousses, a small island of 800 people, located in the Northern Aegean. The MUSICA MUP will integrate renewable energy (wind, wave and solar) to provide enough desalinated water for Oinousses. Additionally, the MUP can support the operational requirements for an aquaculture business that will create local employment opportunities.

This will be achieved with the MUSICA smart and replicable MUP, providing the full suite of solutions for a small island:

  • Three forms of renewable energy (wind, PV and wave) of 870kW in total, providing high RES penetration and competitively affordable electricity.
  • Innovative energy storage systems on the MUP, providing all required storage for power on the island and platform.
  • Smart energy system for the island, including demand response, modelling and forecasting based on high flexibility services from distributed generation.
  • Desalinated water made on MUP powered by RES: 1000m3 fresh water for a water stressed island.
  • The MUP will provide “green” support services for islands’ aquaculture (pilot 200 tonnes production) and recharging station for electricity and water.

This project will demonstrate that the MUSICA MUP is a viable enabling infrastructure for multiple RES, desalination and BG aquaculture and boating services for small islands, that can share the same space and work synergistically together, sharing supply chains and reducing operating and maintenance costs and solving the increasing demand for space.
DAFNI will support the engagement of the local community of Oinousses and relevant stakeholders in the project’s activities as well as the replication plans of the MUSICA solution for the Greek islands. Moreover, DAFNI will contribute to the communication and targeted dissemination of results to islands inside and outside Greece, to actors with an active role in financing and deploying sustainable projects on the islands of Europe, as well as to the local island communities and the general public.

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    2020 - 2025
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    15 partners
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