Youth Employment Network for Energy Sustainability in Islands

YENESIS promotes the employment of young NEETs (NEET: young professionals not in education, employment, or training) of 25-29 years of age residing on different islands in Europe in the fields of energy efficiency, RES, sustainable tourism and sustainable mobility.

DAFNI is in charge of overseeing all actions in the Education segment, including the collection of teaching materials for the 4 thematic areas, an educational trip to demonstrate good practices and the development of an e-course platform to make available to educational institutions the materials produced. As an Expert Partner in the field of Sustainable Tourism, DAFNI will also take on the gathering of material and good examples on this thematic area.

The innovation of YENESIS lies in the fact that training will be followed by the employment of young participants for 6 months on projects related to the thematic area of interest. At the same time, young participants will receive training from experts on how to implement their own business ideas on their islands!

YENESIS thus aspires to support youth entrepreneurship in practice by directing young professionals to occupations of the future, occupations with added value for the careers of young people and the sustainable development of islands.

The project partners involved are the following: Cyprus Energy Agency (CY), Møre and Romsdal County Authority (NO), Network of Sustainable Greek Islands (DAFNI Network) (GR), Association of Estonian Islands (EE), Regional Agency for Energy and Environment of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (PU), The International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (HR), Sapienza University of Rome (IT), Canary Islands Institute of Technology (ES), Frederick University (CY) and Chrysalis LEAP Limited (CY).


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    2018 - 2022
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    2.738.002 €
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    9 partners

In the framework of the project an informational video was created to clearly explain the project’s goals and objectives in a creative and simple way: