YENESIS stories: Correspondence from Skopelos

In the frame of YENESIS project, 12 young islanders (NEETs) from 10 Greek islands will  have the chance to get trained in one of the following fields: energy efficiency, RES, sustainable tourism and sustainable mobility.  YENESIS main objective is to support NEETs  by developing  the necessary skills and creating  green jobs on their islands in the field that interests them.

YENESIS educational actions for the NEETs are:

  • TRAINING: 5-day training courses in all fields
  • SHOWCASING: 3-day long showcasing exhibition trip in Norway on the selected area of interest
  • APPRENTICESHIP: 1 month long apprenticeship in one other participating locations
  • PLACEMENT: a 6- month local placement

Ino Korompaki participates in YENESIS from Skopelos island, where she started her placement in spring 2020. Ino was asked to complete 600 work hours for the Municipality of Skopelos or/and developing her own business idea in the field of sustainable tourism. Till today, she has carried out a Business Plan for starting her own ecotourism and nature watching company, via hiking and photography art. She has been employed at the local museum and she is also working, together with local entities, on the organisation of a cross-country Half-Marathon race in Skopelos.

She describes her experience:

“My name is Ino and I am living in the greenest island of Greece, Skopelos. In 2019 I felt the need to bring new and greener visions to the island, closer to nature and ecotourism. When I joined the Yenesis project, I found a whole new inspiration to make innovative steps in the island and a team to support them. In January 2020, I participated in a one-week-long training, in which I learnt about renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable tourism, business innovation, and sustainable transport. I was really impressed by the relation between green jobs and business innovation, so I found myself trying to learn more about it. At that point, I joined the business mentorship of Yenesis project to get the whole picture. Regarding the local placement, I helped the municipality by working at the local museum, conducting guided tours for some time under the umbrella of the sustainable tourism. After that, I decided to invest my time to a project that I have started with a partner, called Skopelos Trail Race, by the Modern trail Runners. Yenesis project helped us bloom and focus even more on the management of the trails that the race is going to use. Of course, the main focus of the project is the ecofriendly function of every corner of the island. Through all this experience of participation in Yenesis project so far, I have learnt the importance of keeping your place green and safe and the effect of trying to do something different for the community in general. You can find more details about our race on the social media.”