Seminar “Energy Communities & Local Government”

DAFNI Network in collaboration with S. Karagilanis Ltd., in December 2018, launched a series of training seminars for the benefit of the members of the Network.
The first seminar on “Energy Communities & Local Government” for the members of the Network as part of KEDE’s (The Central Union of Municipalities) Annual General Meeting was held on 5t December 2018. The seminar attracted the interest of elected representatives and executives of local government, representatives of the wider public and private sector, who actively participated throughout the event.

The speakers, Kostas Komninos, General Director of DAFNI Network, Stelios Karagilanis, General Manager of Karagilanis LTD, Lena Nikorelou, Legal Counsel, and Fanis Christakopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, described the procedures for setting up, the benefits and the support measures for Energy Communities, then presented case studies of the participation of island local government in such schemes, and finally answered questions of a technical, financial and legal nature, focusing on the specific conditions governing non-interconnected islands.

Mrs. Gianna Nikou, Head of the Executive Structure NSRF at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Energy Sector, was also there. She talked about the funding for the Energy Communities soon to be announced.