The energy storage in Kythnos has started!

The deployment of innovative smart technologies continues in Kythnos with the installation of 5 state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery storage systems (Pulse 6 by VARTA) in 5 municipal buildings, namely the Town Hall in Chora, the Medical Center in Dryopida, the Community Center in Dryopida, the Marina in Merichas and the Marina in Loutra. Each battery storage system can store 6.5 kWh of energy, which corresponds to approximately 60% of the daily electricity consumption of a typical household.

The storage systems were installed from 29th to 31st of May by AEGEA team of technical experts with the active support of Kythnos Municipality within the framework of the European project WiseGrid_EU, funded by the #H2020
The battery systems will have multiple benefits not only to the municipal buildings and Kythnos Municipality but also to the electrical system of Kythnos island. More specifically, the battery systems can:

– Decrease the electricity bills of the buildings by storing energy at a lower price (for example at night in a dual tariff electricity price scheme)

– Increase the renewable energy penetration in the island by storing energy that cannot be absorbed when the electricity demand in the island is low

– Reduce the loading of the conventional thermal station at peak hours by covering some local electrical loads of the buildings

– Improve the electrical system’s reliability and stability

– Decrease further the electricity bills of the buildings if combined with PV panels

The battery storage systems are provided without charge to Kythnos Municipality by VARTA Storage GmbH for testing and demonstration purposes according to the research goals of the project.