WiseGrid enters in the deployment phase!

On December 12 and 13, a team of engineers from AEGEA and  DAFNI Network visited Kythnos pilot site to conduct planned interventions for the deployment of WiseGrid tools at the desalination plant and at selected public buildings of the island. The team met with Kythnos Mayor, Mr. Stamatis Garderis, and with Mr. Vice-Mayor and DAFNI Network’s President, Mr. Giorgos Iliou. They both expressed their enthusiasm that WIseGRID is now entering in the deployment phase of pilot activities and their confidence that Kythnos will be once again at the forefront of innovative sustainable development of resources and infrastructure.

During the pilot site visit, the following activities took place:

  • The local controller at the desalination plant was programmed, so that it will operate mostly when electricity demand in Kythnos is low or when there is surplus electricity by renewable energy generation in Kythnos.
  • Visits at the municipal buildings of the Town Hall and the local Health Center of Dryopida in order to confirm that lithium-ion battery storage can be installed. The battery systems will charge from the grid, when there is surplus electricity from renewable energy generation in Kythnos and they will cover the demand for lighting of each building.
  • Identification of public spaces and buildings where EV charging stations could be installed.

Thanks to the above-mentioned interventions and WiseGRID tools, the network operator in Kythnos will be able to forecast and schedule daily the dispatching of the conventional thermal station and the distributed renewable energy generation units in order to meet the demand of the island, keeping in mind that the flexible loads of the desalination plant and of the battery storage systems can instantly contribute to a more efficient and economical network management, reducing diesel consumption and emissions at the same time.